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1000 Twitter re-tweets 1000 Pinterest likes 500 Pinterest pins 100 Google+ shares 100 Google+ likes 10 Comments each

200 Twitter re-tweets 100 Pinterest pins 100 Pinterest likes 100 Google shares 100Facebook shares

1 Facebook post + 100 Shares 1 Twitter post + 300 re-tweets 1 Pinterest post + 100 pins, 100 likes 1 Google+ post + 50 shares, 20 g+1 1 Short YT video + 1k views, 100 likes, 100 shares 1 Reddit (PR8) post + 5 thumbs up 1 Stumbleupon (PR8) share +10 likes 1 Slashdot (PR7) post 1 Flickr (PR9) share with direct link + 10 likes And Much More! (see full list)

Are your coins just sitting in your wallet?

CoindMedia understands that your crypto-currency is an investment and should be treated as such. If you are a business owner, blogger, or even a coin developer wanting to promote your Coin with the help of social media, CoindMedia can increase your ranking, traffic, and social presence. Our experts have combined the best and most effective social enhancements in 3 valuable packages to choose from! We offer you an elaborate mix of: PUT YOUR COIN TO WORK! Twitter re-tweets Pinterest pins Google+ shares Facebook shares And more!

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