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Cryfter All our Codes/Cards were purchased in the USA for the North American Market. Unless otherwise noted, All Codes are for USA / North America.

We NEVER re-sell 3rd party codes bought from the general public. We can proudly stand by every code we sell on this site knowing that all were purchased/handled by a single person.
We tried (for a very short period) to re-sell public codes we had on cosignment, but it was a failure do to the amount of scammer activity it promoted.
We refuse to sell your info, and the information of all your friends and their families. Our competitors have no problen selling this info for up to 5% of the total sale. Yes your information is worth money.(Now you know where the 3% comes from)

We proudly serve those that dont mind paying a little extra, knowing that the code they purchase today will not get their account closed or suspended tomorrow. And we Thank You for your business

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