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Upchurch Design Hi there. I'm Nathan Upchurch. I design for print and the web, and I do photo retouching, vector illustration, web animation & print brokering. I started out in 2008, working for a small print brokerage in Scotland. There I designed anything and everything for businesses small and large, from the bakers down the road, to multi-million pound businesses, but besides that, I designed, specified, sourced and managed specialised print projects for companies with complex needs. Eventually I wandered out on my own as a freelancer, which was when I started focusing on web design.

After a few years of freelancing, I moved all the way to Chicago, and here I am, armed with my trusty workstation, and years of hard-earned experience. I've designed everything from labels to web-apps, to luxury packaging and books; I'm excited to work with clever and unique businesses across Chicago. Beautiful and purposeful design is a key step in bringing your business to the sky-line, and I'm ready to be an instrumental part in the growth of your business.ff. You're on the up.

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