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Nothing in Particular Blog & Store There are probably hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of blogs out there. Some of them are going strong and others are probably sitting out there, abandoned and forgotten by their owners. I’ve even seen a few that are devoted to a SINGLEproduct, one make and model per URL, and I actually asked the owner, “What’s up with that?” Yep, same owner for all of them. She never did give me a solid answer. In fact, you probably get sick of seeing those “product review” blogs that really just want to sell you stuff. That’s why I call my blog the “Nothing in Particular Blog”. Sure, I have advertising because that’s how I pay the bills. But I’m not going out of my way to sell you the latest kitchen gadget if you came here looking for bison recipes. If you find a pop-up ad while browsing my site, you may want to have your COMPUTER SCANNED for adware and other nasty stuff because I don’t do pop-up ads.

My main goal here is to just inform audiences about my favorite topics and maybe entertain you a bit with polls, quizzes and videos. My reason? Well, no particular reason except maybe to make smart people a little bit smarter. My name? Heidi Hecht, a science fiction author, BLOGGER and Mars One candidate who likes the idea of rocking the ecommerce world with my blogstore that accepts several cryptocurrencies.

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