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LegendBot One of the main features is that the program itself does not require alot of resources so you can run many instances of it.
The LegendBot.exe (which will be now known as the "Queuer") searches by image instead of pixel for improved survivability against patches.
The Queuer can and will trade champions in ARAM games if you have selected it to in the options.ini.
If there is an on screen error, the Queuer will get rid of it by clicking it.
There is a user defined reset timer (default 7 minutes) which is a failsafe, if no action is performed within that time the bot resets.
The player level is read directly from the game client instead of using 3rd party tools for safer leveling.
There is a constant HUD located at the top of the screen that shows the current level, bot status, timer and total games played.

The Queuer can either read from the local accounts.txt or an accounts.txt file located on your network drive for multi-bot support.
If enabled, the Queuer will purchase a 3 day xp boost at the set level.
By default (and not changeable) the Queuer will remove your PVP.net Client background image to save links from popping up and for better cpu management.
Before any game is played the Queuer will check for BoL to be running so it doesn't get the account banned.
By default the Queuer will stop if there is an EULA notification. This signifies an update has been released.
The BoL Script will play both Summoner's Rift (1-6) and ARAM (6-30) with full champion support.
There will be no AFKing if the entire team is a full party of bots due to minion wave logic.

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